Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT)

Introducing the most advanced 3D near surface geophysical services in Western Canada. Our geophysical services include applying direct current resistivity and electromagnetics for rapid diagnosis of geological, geotechnical, and geo-environmental engineering related hazards.

ERT can be applied in a wide spectrum of geological, geo-environmental and civil engineering applications. Our state-of-the-art wireless 2D and 3D ERT can accurately target your areas of concern so you can focus your sampling investigation and manage your project budget effectively.

ERT data can be acquired on almost all types of grounds and terrains such as those found in and around hydro dams and levees, heavy industrial sites and tank farms. Our advance wireless instruments can be configured to collect data over all types of geometries and in almost all types of weather conditions.

ERT applications for GEOLOGICAL and GEOTECHNICAL engineering include: soil subsidence/heterogeneity analysis, subsurface voids/cavities detection, bedrock mapping, ground water table detection, grout-mix injection monitoring and more...

ERT applications for ENVIRONMENTAL engineering include: 2D/3D landfill mapping, leachate migration mapping, hydrogeochemical studies/contaminant migration analysis, underground pipeline/storage tank leakage detection and more...

ERT applications for HYDROTECHNICAL engineering include: seepage investigation through embankment dams, mapping Hazardous zones in levees, delineating water infiltration zones in reservoirs, 3D mapping and quantification of infiltration plumes, and more...


  • NON DESTRUCTIVE - noise-free, emmission-free, non-invasive, no excavation, digging or blasting required

  • RAPID PROCESSING - preliminary results can be assessed in the field

  • INTERGRATION - provides results which are fully integrated with the geotechnical data and the site topography

  • SPATIALLY CONTINUOUS - detailed lateral information for efficient decision making, unlike point-source information derived from boreholes, SPT, and CPT


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