Concrete Scanning GPR & GPR/X

High-frequency GPR technology is used extensively for non-destructively locating concrete embeded elements. GPR can very effectively determine the presence, direction and depth of many types of embedments.

Typical embedments include but are not limited to electrical conduit (steel or plastic), wire mesh, rebar, dowels, electric or filled in-floor heating/cooling lines, chases, fire alarm, and many more...

Images are saved as a Jpeg or Tif file and can be attached to an email or delivered via a memory stick on site.

Call WCS before you cut, core or drill into any concrete structure. We can help you eliminate your repair costs. One saved conduit often covers the cost of a minimum call-out.

Using GPR (ground penetrating radar) technology in combination with EM (electromagnetic) and transpositioning technology we are able to provide accurate data.


  • Images are delivered via email or memory stick immediately on site.

  • Locates Rebar, Dowels and End Bars, Wire Mesh, Metal conduit, Wire-filled and Water-Filled PVC conduit, Post-tensioned cables, In-floor Heating and Cooling Lines, Electrical Chases, Under-mounted Conduit, Junction Boxes, and more.

  • Identifies direction, depth, start and end points, overlaps in real time.

  • Estimates slab thickness and thickenings and determines concrete coverage.


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