Our newest service is DIGITAL X-RAY IMAGING. We are able to penetrate up to 10” of reinforced concrete. The image is wirelessly shot, captured, transferred and displayed in less than 30 seconds. It is saved as a jpeg or tif file and can be attached to an email or loaded onto a memory stick on site. Our wireless system is very light and portable.

The radiation created when our machine is pulsing is exponentially smaller than traditional radioactive isotopes. We require a small 3 metre Exclusion Zone radius only. Small enough to work alongside other trades at regular hours.

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Call WCS before you cut, core or hammer drill into any concrete structure. We can help you eliminate your repair costs. One saved conduit often covers the cost of a minimum call-out. Using GPR (ground penetrating radar) technology in combination with EM (electromagnetic) and transpositioning technology we are able to very accurately determine the existence of embedments, their direction, depth, start and end points, overlaps, estimate slab thickness and thickenings and determine concrete coverage, ALL IN REAL TIME.

WCS can locate embedments such as Rebar, Dowels and End Bars, Wire Mesh, Metal conduit, Wire-filled and Water-Filled PVC conduit, Post-tensioned cables, In-floor Heating and Cooling Lines, Electrical Chases, Under-mounted Conduit, Junction Boxes, and more.

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With GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar), EM (electromagnetic) locators and MAG meters (Magnetic flow) we are able to ocate and/or confirm the exact location of utilities like water, sewer, sanitary, gas, telephone and data and fibre optics. We can also locate irrigation, underground storage tanks (USTs) and concrete chests and other embedments down to 3M (12 feet) in optimal soil and site conditions). With post processing software we are able to clean up the data and determine landfill boundaries, water table depth and most underground anomalies such as unmarked graves, abandoned mine shafts, etc.

Developed and refined over many years, our systematic approach, locating methodology along with proper usage and calibration of the technologies we are able to provide very reliable locates. Our field-experienced technicians and knowledgeable support staff will firstly start by accumulating all the existing and pertinent data of the site. This might include BC 1 call documents, downloading city GIS drawings, as-builts and other historical documentation as available. This vital first step helps us to construct the "big picture" and gives us all a better understanding of the underlying conditions before we actually step foot on the premises.

Once all the available documentation is in hand, we are able to dispatch a technician to begin the process of locating, identifying and labelling known and unknown utilities on the site.

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